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Weld the Unweldable

PSTproducts GmbH provides Electro-Magnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT) systems since 2003 and is recognized as the market leader for industrial EMPT solutions and manufacturing cells and its automatization. Focused on automotive, E-mobility and lightweight sectors we offer specific joining solutions especially in welding dissimilar material combinations.

EMPT fundamentals: According to the physical law of Lotentz force, a varying magnetic field which is applied in the joint region interacts with the induced counter flowing eddy currents in the electric conductive workpiece. So the material gets accelerated by electromagnetic forces during a less than 50µs and can be used for welding, crimping, forming, cutting and compressing of technical products with highest demands. For EMPT welding materials like aluminum and copper are preferred due to their high electric conductivity.

Exhibitor: PSTproducts GmbH