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Smart Facilities for Battery Manufacturers

Exyte Group has focused on the requirements for GWh-scale factory concepts in collaboration with leading battery manufacturers, equipment suppliers and R&D institutes. In order to meet the demand flexible and scalable high-volume Li-ion battery fabs in the expanding E-mobility market, a modular factory concept with a manufacturing capacity of +8 GWh per module has been developed. Furthermore, a unique requirement for battery cell manufacturing facilities is the need for ultra-dry environments at selected process operations. Exyte Group, with its long history of advanced environmental control expertise, has completed development and prototyping of a new dry-room concept. Successful qualification of this ultra-low humidity-controlled environment with tightly controlled temperature tolerances and minimal contamination will provide a new solution to our clients with the benefits of higher and consistent quality, as well as reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs of a battery fab.

Exhibitor: Exyte Management GmbH