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AVA, a subsidiary of BHS-Sonthofen, is a leading provider of plant and system solutions having its core competencies in mixing, drying, and reacting for both horizontal and vertical technologies. For decades, genuine expertise in process engineering, a creative, experienced and competent team, high-end technology implementation, as well as comprehensive service and support have provided guaranteed successful process technologies for numerous industrial applications as well as a leading position in the respective markets. A flat corporate structure ensures an outstanding price-performance ratio. The DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate guarantees the quality of both workflows and products.

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The worldwide demand on Li-ion Battery is increasing. The battery consists of two electrodes (cathode and anode) and a liquid phase electrolyte in which a lithium salt is solved. The electrode materials might be complex mixtures of powder, which need to be highly homogeneous and contain extremely low moisture (usually below 10 ppm, since water reacts with lithium ion). AVA mixers and dryers are excellent in mixing effect, with our vacuum drying technique at heating temperatures up to 650 °C it is possible to reach a minimal quantity of water and any other volatile components.
In a joint project with the recycling experts at our parent company BHS-Sonthofen, AVA has developed new technologies for the recycling of Li-ion battery mass. BHS provides the crushing system to disassemble the used batteries with high safety standard; The AVA vacuum drying system allows the evaporation and regain of solvents without causing the decomposition of lithium salts.

Vertical vacuum Dryer for Lithium Carbonate

Lithium carbonate is a crucial base material for producing further lithium compounds. After being produced wet-chemically, it is mechanically dehydrated and subsequently dried. The customer emphasized the continuity of the process as well as a high flexibility for fluctuating throughput quantities and input water contents without exceeding the required output humidity. This is achieved by vacuum drying alternatively in two vertical dryers to residual moistures of max. 0.1 %.

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Vacuum Dryer for ternary cathode materials

Ternary cathode (NCM or NCA) are becoming more and more popular, especially the high-nickel (nickel ≥ 80 %) variants with high capacity are suitable for e-mobility applications. Low moisture level and high homogeneity are required in this application. AVA provides electrically heated vacuum dryers with high flexibility in drying temperatures up to 650 °C. Depending on the users’ requirements, the dryer can be built in horizontal or in vertical design.

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Recycling of Lithium-ion battery

The re-use of the batteries valuable single components without cross contamination is a challenging task. BHS’ NGU universal crusher disassemble the used batteries with high safety standard against possible ignition or explosion of the batteries. AVA vacuum drying system allows the evaporation and regain of solvents without causing the decomposition of lithium salts, this is a more sustainable solution in comparison to processing the battery mass in a rotary kiln.

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