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Fraunhofer IKTS uses its know-how in materials science and technical manufacturing solutions to develop materials, manufacturing methods and innovative battery designs – always with an eye on applicability. In doing so, the complete valueadded chain can be covered, from the laboratory scale through to full-scale industrial production. For this purpose, Fraunhofer IKTS has highly modern plants and analytical equipment at its disposal, which are used for examining new cost-efficient processes and acquiring a deeper understanding of the operation and aging of battery storage solutions.

Products and services


  • Synthesis of anode and cathode materials, solid-state ion conductors (Na-b“-aluminate, Na+- and Li+-ion conducting glass ceramics)
  • Surface optimization for increased power density
  • C-coating of active materials for increased conductivity
  • Modification of slurry formula for Li-ion batteries
  • Powder and granule production


  • Technology and process development for super capacitors, Li-ion, sodium-based and metal-air batteries
  • Evaluation of active materials in treatment and manufacturing
  • Upscaling from lab scale to pilot-plant scale


  • Active materials in Li-ion test cells or for NaNiCl2 or NaS cells
  • Thin electrode tapes
  • Manufacture of button and pouch cells
  • Performance and aging under climate-controlled conditions
  • Charging and discharging as well as degradation behavior
  • Post-mortem analysis
  • Manufacture of high-temperature test cells for planar and tubular electrolyte geometries


  • Thermal 3D modeling
  • Market analyses, consulting

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