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About us

KROENERT designs and manufacture technical leading machines to coat web-like materials as paper, foil, film and laminates producing various end products e.g. packaging material, technical products, Lithium-ion-battery electrodes and separator membranes, Flexible Solar cells, Membranes, Fuel cells.

KROENERT are the coating machinery experts. The development and construction of coating and laminating machines for the production of flexible coated and laminated products as well as the installation and service are provided by the production site in Hamburg, Germany. Since 1903, KROENERT develops and builds innovative custom-made machineries. The name of the company stands for quality and reliability, the best in class efficiency, persistent construction and short maintenance times within production.

Very important to the Group are economy and ecology – wherever possible – resource reducing concepts are implemented. KROENERT offers training and technological support, not only at the in house Technology Center, but also at our customers places.

Products and services

Complete coating and laminating machines also as stand-alone units, equipped with
Un- and rewinder
Coating station with 60 different methods
Drying technology as convection, IR and UV
Laminating, humidifiers, cooling sections and condensation units, etc.

Production features:
Complete production machines for coating of paper, board, film, metal foils, non-woven as in- and offline modes:

1. Flexible Packaging

  • Dry laminating for duplex and triplex laminates
  • Wet laminating
  • Wax and hotmelt for coating and laminating
  • PVdC coating and and other barrier layers
  • Alu/Alu lamination for battery pouch cell covers

2. Technical Products, e.g.

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Single and double sided adhesive tapes
  • Protection films
  • Medicated plasters and transdermal systems
  • Specialized film lacquering 

3. Clean Technologies (renewable energy and environmental protection)

  • epoxy resin and prepreg tapes
  • Lithium-ion-batteries electrodes and separator membrans
  • Flexible Solar cells
  • OLED
  • Membranes
  • Fuel cells


KROENERT offers state of the art R2R printing and coating lines, suitable for laboratory scale of up to 500mm working width or also in production scale exceeding 1.000mm working width.
One aspect to fulfil the production requirements of Lithium-ion-battery electrodes and separator membranes is the versatility and flexibility of the R2R equipment, regardless whether the machine is used in R&D institutes, laboratories, start-ups or at industrial customers.

RECO 800 A

RECO 800 A

RECO 800 A, coating and laminating machine to convert web-like material between 800 and 1.650 mm working width and production speed up to 1.000 m/min. (requirements beyond this scope can be fulfilled on request).
This line is used for solventfree and solventbased lamination as well as lacquering and coating of paper, film and foils.
Key components are the coating systems to ensure quick change of the coating system and winders for a flying reel change at production speed.

PAK 400 EP

PAK 400 EP

Kroenert is worldwide the most experienced and most successful machine manufacturer in the market of tailor-made filming and impregnating machines. For this application, Kroenert offers the full range of coating and impregnating machines. If it is EP film coating, fabric or UD fibre impregnating for CFK-GFK composites, at Kroenert you will get the knowledge and expertise for prepreg production out of one hand.


Schützenstr. 105
22761 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 8539301
Fax: +49 40 85393171

Andrea Glawe
Regional Sales Director
Phone: +49 173 2633272

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